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Non Listed Conditions

Integrated and complementary medicine may be able to offer support and therapy to many conditions. Helping the body improve its nutritional status, it's immune response, it's detoxifying processes or aiming to rebalance its hormone levels and work on many systems and organs, is most likely to help any individual.

Addressing issues with lifestyle, diet and exercise programs may help with any condition, disease or illness.

If you have questions about any condition not listed on Dr Sharma’s website you have the option of emailing us on< or contacting us on (01202) 744747, option one, and requesting further information by arranging a short telephone consultation for which there is usually no charge.

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Is your home making you ill?

We may be exposed to over 700,000 chemicals a day in our homes.

Our clothes and furniture are impregnated with pesticides (when did any of us last see a mothball?) and fire retardants are added to household fabrics. Even the wood in our house is full of preservative. Our computers, when on and hot, are releasing volatile oxidative compounds, and when we heat our wonderfully well-insulated houses all of these chemicals vaporise and release into the draft-free, airless atmosphere.

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