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Multiple sclerosis, environmental & metal toxicity and therapy options

When commenting on specific illnesses that do not have simple conventional treatments, it is important not to give the impression that complementary, integrated, functional or alternative medicines offer ‘magical’ answers. An individual must follow the path offered by their specialists and discuss with them any ‘alternative’ they consider trying.

That said, there are a considerable number of studies that do not appear to enter into conventional therapy because their evidence of efficacy is not abundant. There is some evidence of alternative & complementary therapies working and ongoing research is being encouraged by the National Institutes for Health in the USA (1A) It is worth looking at this research site link below,, which lists published studies on natural and environmental issues surrounding multiple sclerosis.

Conventional medicine tends to focus on therapies that supress inflammation and the autoimmune system response but investigations tend to stop when a diagnosis of MS is made. Conventional investigations tend not to progress to look for underlying causes. Treatment geared to suppressing inflammation or blocking autoimmunity may be very beneficial and give short and long-term benefits but do not necessarily resolve the underlying triggers and causes.

In complementary and functional medicine we focus on trying to return dysfunctional cells and systems back to normal function. That process involves investigation into underlying cause and the prescribing of natural therapies.

I must stress here that I am not a neurologist. I do not specialise in neurological conditions and my comments are made as a doctor with a specialist interest in complementary and functional medicine. I do not make claims about resolving incurable conditions and focus my attention on helping individuals optimise their health in the hope that their body can repair dysfunction.

There is a hypothetical link between heavy metals (perhaps from amalgams) and other environmental toxicity and demyelinating disease such as MS -

There are clear Iinks of toxicity of all sorts with autoimmune disease of which MS is one (1, 2, 3) and considerable evidence of nutritional and natural therapies having benefit. (4)

There is no level of toxic metal in the body that provides any benefit to health and in some with poor detoxification capability even a small amount may be dangerous. So, if ill with any disease, removing metals is a sensible idea regardless of cause and effect. (5)

Genetic variations, called polymorphisms, allow some people to eliminate toxins rapidly whilst others hold on to them. For example, those with genes with low expression of glutathione-S-transferase activity hold onto mercury, allowing it to potentially do damage. We also know that those with the ApoE4 gene have more fatigue symptoms in relation to amalgams than those who do not (1).

Preferably tests are concluded prior to treatment options being discussed. It is not necessary to do tests but it removes a ‘best guess’ scenario. The option to test for toxicity, nutritional status, and possibly genetic traits leads to the use of both oral and IV nutritional and detoxification procedures. Of particular interest is an emerging pioneering treatment for neurological disease called phospholipid exchange (7). The use of EDTA, DMSA and other chelators have limited evidence in scientific literature so not offered by conventional medicine. This is mainly because large studies are not performed by the pharmaceutical companies so not much evidence exists. A lack of evidence is not necessarily a lack of effectiveness.

I always strongly recommend that patients work in conjunction with the optimal conventional treatment prescribed by neurologists in an integrated medical program.

My current research suggest that these supplements are of potential benefit (4)
  • Zinc with copper
  • Multimineral/vitamin supplementation
  • Vitamin D
  • Phosphotidyl choline
  • Phosphotidylserine
  • Glutathione
  • Krill or plant based oils
  • 5 MTHF ( activated folic acid)
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • HEEL homeopathic MS combination
  • Oral or B12
  • In Relapsing Remitting MS consider Co Q 10 Sanoobar M, Eghtesadi S, et al, Int J Neurosci, 2013 May 10;
    Other treatments include PLX through IV therapy, Far Infrared Sauna and hyperbaric oxygen. All are worth exploring, as may be herbal and structural therapies (6).and Eastern medicine disciplines (8,9) in certain cases.


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