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Dr Sharma Diagnostics

Integrated health and Ecological medicine for individuals and families

Integrated health: combining the best of conventional and Complementary health care.

Ecological medicine: Considering the interaction of individuals with the environment and the health consequences of nutritional, toxic, allergic and immune responses.

  • Chronic disease treatment – long term conditions, including fatigue syndromes

  • Age related health concerns

  • Pioneering health screening including Arteriography

  • Conditions poorly responsive to conventional medicine such as IBS, Leaky Gut, allergy

  • Complementary care options for cancer

Latest Blog Entry

Flu Vaccinations?

The conventional consensus is that vaccinating our elderly population against influenza 'remains the best preventative tool available'. Yet the figures from the Centre for Communicable Diseases (CDC) show that of those tested who had influenza, 32% had received the vaccination . This suggests that one in three had no benefit. Furthermore influenza may not be as dangerous to our elderly population as is made out by authorities.

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