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Dr Sharma Diagnostics

Dr Sharma's Practice is open and he is available for consultation by telephone or Skype through this time.

Integrated health and Ecological medicine for individuals and families

Integrated health: combining the best of conventional and Complementary health care.

Ecological medicine: Considering the interaction of individuals with the environment and the health consequences of nutritional, toxic, allergic and immune responses.

  • Chronic disease treatment – long term conditions, including fatigue syndromes

  • Age related health concerns

  • Pioneering health screening including Arteriography

  • Conditions poorly responsive to conventional medicine such as IBS, Leaky Gut, allergy

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Covid-19 (How Best to Boost Your Immune System and Make the Most Out of Your Body’s Natural Defences).

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Is your home making you ill?

We may be exposed to over 700,000 chemicals a day in our homes.

Our clothes and furniture are impregnated with pesticides (when did any of us last see a mothball?) and fire retardants are added to household fabrics. Even the wood in our house is full of preservative. Our computers, when on and hot, are releasing volatile oxidative compounds, and when we heat our wonderfully well-insulated houses all of these chemicals vaporise and release into the draft-free, airless atmosphere.

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